Congratulations on your engagement!
You deserve the wedding of your dreams. A wedding which allows you to experience every single moment without worry, stress or distraction. The day goes by so very quickly that you should not have to spend even one moment away from your guests, your partner and your celebration.

Let us worry about what is going on behind the scenes so that you can enjoy every second. We are there to ensure your guests have a fabulous time, every detail is taken care of and you can focus on your partner, your love and your day. We will work with you and your budget to ensure that your vision is realized, your wedding design is unique and reflective of your personalities, your day is meticulously planned, that no detail is overlooked.

We offer packages for your wedding which can be specially designed and tailored to your planning and coordination needs. We make it possible for you to enjoy the planning process, to delegate the things you don't enjoy doing, and to have the stress free and flawless day you've always dreamed of. This day is all about you, your partner and the celebration of your love; sharing moments of joy with family and friends, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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